"I have worked with Amanda for over a year now and would like to compliment her on her ability to persuade. She knows how to get to the audience in a way that gets them to buy. I had a 30% response rate from her very well crafted sales letter.
I will definitely use her services in the future".


"I would like to say how impressed I was when I first met Amanda in Vancouver BC.
I know she has now moved to Cyprus but I will still use her services in the future as you don't get good quality copy any more from all these newbie writers.
Amanda is a pro, thinks like one, acts like one, and performs like one.
If you want professional looking copy that gets results then talk to Amanda, I know she usually gets busy around February and March time so book her early, I certainly am".


"When Amanda puts her mind to a project you receive the best deal ever. She knows quality and quantity and you get what you pay for and that is  professionalism. If you want copy that sells then hire the best as a title says she is Content queen".


"I would definitely recommend Amanda to anyone, her proof reading skills are one of a kind, she is concise and checks her written copy over 20 times to make sure it is perfect. Amanda is well known in Vancouver and North America, a client of hers recommended her to me and I have used her to proof my documents ever since, it was the best move i ever made" 


"She understands the art and the science of "Voice" whether the audience is the community at large or a targeted population..."


"You have my eternal appreciation for an extraordinary job and I look forward to working again with you in the near future."


"Amanda Abiola is one of the most creative and strategically targeted writers that I know..."