African Palliative Care Hospital

2541 Purchang Street

South Africa



The African Palliative Care Renovations!



Dear Friends:


                While I was volunteering at the African Palliative Care Hospital in South Africa, it really opened my heart and my eyes to the level of quality care being distributed and what struck me worst of all was the state and condition of their palliative care unit.


                 I would like you to close your eyes and try to visualize what I saw and I'll do my best to explain it as best I can: the urine stained walls, blood on the floors, equipment broken, rooms with no windows and with no views. 


                There are only small windows with no room to look out, never mind looking at what little garden does exists. It is either burned or shriveled up with lack of water or there was never one there in the first place. They can not see the beautiful sunshine, the aqua blue sky, the plants or animals of Mother Nature, like you and I see everyday and probably take for granted, like I did.


                I saw first-hand what these doctors and nurses try to do for these patients and their families, but they can only do so much with what little they have. They try to be miracle workers and they need YOUR help!


                This is why I am writing this letter, asking you for your help. And the way you can do that is by donating $50.00 minimum towards these renovations that will make a big difference in the people's lives, and for the palliative care unit. Along with its staff.  Giving these patients some hope and comfort in their last days on the earth and of course helping the families feel more comfortable knowing their sick loved one is in a clean, comfortable place for their last days.


                We have an objective, we must raise $1.5 million by October 2007, and so they can start the renovations immediately giving these people what they deserve.


With your help they will be able to:


Afford new paint for the walls.

New beds.

New training for the doctors and nurses.

New equipment

And of course they will be able to grow a beautiful garden

And a whole lot more



                So please help us to help them and donate a minimum of $50.00 today.

Your donation might be the last one that we need too reach our objective, so don't delay!


        Send a check or money order made payable to: African Palliative Care Hospital

Or call our toll free number and charge your credit card right now!



Yours Hopingly,


Mary Wells

Fund-raising co-ordinator


P.S.  Don't delay, we only have till October 2007 to raise $1.5 million. The renovations need to start in November 2007, so they'll be able to work right through until June of 2008, when it will get too hot to work.

So call now 1-800-AFRICA



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