Artisan wooded beads covered in vintage-

style fabric…giving YOUR Hand-made

jewelry that’s solely YOUR style…

The solitary style that is yours… and yours only…

Grants Pass, Oregon -- Fire Mountain Gems and Beads, America's favorite beading and jewelry Supply Company, introduces a new collection of decoupage-inspired wood beads in fabric-covered and painted varieties, giving jewelry a handmade, artisan style.

The fabric-covered beads are wrapped with cotton for vintage-style designs. The painted beads display colorful patterns, some with glistening metallic accents for an eye-catching appeal. Made from Philippine wood, known as gemalina, the decorated beads are clear-coated for a smooth luster and added durability. The beads are lightweight so you can create bold, one-of-kind masterpieces without the weight.

For over 35 years, Fire Mountain Gems and Beads has been known for their exceptional customer service and product selection -- over 78,000 hot jewelry-making supplies available to wholesalers, retailers and designer-artists alike. Order your free copy of the Jewelry Maker's Catalog or browse a full year's worth of catalogs online with the catalog flipper for all the fun of the catalog with the ease of the web!


Lead check Swab kit the only one to test your counters for lead, metal, and ceramic, paint and other jewelry making supplies…


Grants Pass, Oregon—Do you ever wish you could check your counters after doing work on them with your jewelry supplies?  Well now Fire mountain Gems and Beads, America’s favorite beading and jewelry supply company have come up with a way to check for metal, ceramic, paint, lead, and other jewelry-making supplies in this easy-to-use strips that will test the presence of any jewelry-making supplies. 

Lead check swabs have been available since 1002 and they are used and recognized by all professionals as they have superior accuracy and are very sensitive. These kit’s have 16 swabs, test confirmation cads to verify results and of course the instructions how to use it. Some of the results can be obtained in 30 seconds or less. LeadCheck swabs are a very economical way of lab testing, which can cost over $100.

For 35 years and more, Fire Mountain Gems and Beads is known for its exceptional service to its customers and its product selection—they have 78,000 hot jewelry-making supplies that are available to wholesalers, retailers and designer-artists alike.

If you want to sit back and relax and browse their catalog order yours today absolutely free, you can also browse the catalog online with a full years worth of catalog flipper for the fun and ease of the web.
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