Posted by Amanda Abiola on September 26, 2017 at 8:30 AM

Ok, so if I had to pick one major psychological factor that makes direct marketing so successful today, it would be curisosity.


At retail, a customer can touch and feel the product and then decide. A mail order customer can't do that. The product might look good and do exactly what the customer expects it to do, yet there is always a level of curisosity that makes the product more attractive to the prospect. "What is that product like?" might be the typical thought of a prospect.


Curisosity also works well with books or intellectual property. You can tease prospects by telling them what they will find out by reading your book. In fact the strongest motivating factor to sell books is curisosity, followed only by notoreity and creditbility.


Because you cant touch or feel, curisosity is the strongest motivating factor in mail order. Immediate gratification is the strongest factor in personal selling, so as a direct marketer, if you recoginize that fact and can deliver my product promptly, i'm capitalizing on a major personal selling advantage.


So, how do you use the curiosity trigger in selling your products? First realize that when you sell intellectual property, curisosity is the key motivating factor, and you should use it as your prime selling tool. But realize also that many other products lend themselves to holding back part of the story in order to arouse curisosity and create the demand.


How many times have you said too much or shown too much and thus failed to use the power of curisosity? It can be very powerful and one motivating factors in selling.


Curisosity can be used when you mention some benefit or payoff at the beginning of an ad that you are going to reveal somewhere later in your copy. In short, you have to read the entire ad to find it.


Too often sales people reveal too much, leaving little to be curious about. With the proper balance, the seeds of curisosity, and something to deliver at the end of your sales presentation, you can use the very powerful trigger of curisosity to definitely force prospects to do something they normally wouldn't do and help close your big sale.


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