Posted by Amanda Abiola on September 22, 2017 at 8:10 AM

Hope can be a great motivator in the buying process. A woman buys a new face cream in the hope that it will make a difference in her wrinkles. An intense golfer buys a new golf ball in the hope that it may take a few strokes off a golf game.


The hope replaces the reality of an already delivered benefit or guarantee that you recieve when you buy products such as radio or computer. But wait, there is even hope in that type of purchase as well. The purchaser hopes that getting the computer will make her life easier. The radio is purchased in the hopes that it will solve a specific problem.


If you want to know how powerful hope is, simply look at the gaming industry. Millions of people can't wait to fly to Las Vagas, leave their money at the casinos, and fly home. The casino business is like printing money. The entrie gambling insustry is built on hope.


One area to focus on in creating a sales presentation using the power of hope is credibility. If you present yourself as a credible person or a knowledgeable authority represnting a credible company, then what you say will create a feeling of confidence on the part of your prospect. Then whatever you say your product did for you or for your previous customers will be taken as a real possibliity for your prospect, and the power of hope will work to help compel your prospect to order. And re-order.


Whatever you are selling, with the proper credibility, you will automatically engage the power of hope-- a powerful force that motivates, inspires, and even triggers a sale.


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