Posted by Amanda Abiola on September 20, 2017 at 8:55 AM

One of the early lessons I learned about salesmanship is to set up the selling environment. Whether it be a private room in a gallery, or a car dealers showroom, you configure the physical environment so it is conducive to your sales presentation.


Let's assume that you have the prospect in your environment and ready to make a sales presentation. Once you have the prospects attention, the next step is to introduce yourself and say something that will keep the prospects attention and cause the prospect to agree with you.


There are many methods for creating this harmony in mail order advertising. First, you have got to get the prospective reader to start saying "yes". Second, you have got to make statements that are both honest and believable.


In print advertisement the moment the reader thinks, "No" or even, "I really don't believe what he is saying" or "I don't think that relates to me" you have lost that reader. But as long as the reader keeps saying "yes" or believes what you are saying is correct and continues to stay interested, you are harmonizing with your prospect. You and the prospect will be in lock step, moving toward a successful conclusion of your sales message.


This is also very true in a personal selling situations. But in personal selling, a few more emotional issues will surface. First, you want the prospect to be in agreement with you, continually nodding his or her head in the affirmative.


Certain phrases help this process along in a direct selling situation. A good technique is to make a positive statement and end it with one of several positive questions, which I call head nodding tags. Ending phrases with head nodding tags like "couldn't you?" and "wouldn't you?" and "don't you?" are more forceful in obtaining a "yes" answer.


But pattening is really a form of agreement. And in the final anaylysis it is agreement that we are after. Make sure that everything you do and say is in perfect agreement with the prospect as you slowly and almost hypnotically get closer to concluding the sale. We want our prospects to keep nodding their heads, saying yes all the way through to the final question "May I have your order, please?".


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