Posted by Amanda Abiola on September 13, 2017 at 8:25 AM

The contrast of seeing someone or something familiar is very beneficial, If someone is reading a magazine and sees your advertising format something they have seen many times before and recognizes your logo or company, there is a feeling of familiarity.


Advertise enough times, or sell a product whose name is familar to your prospect and you will create the same attraction. That is why brand names are so important that is why the familiarity of a shopping environment is also important.

Even the words familiar and familarity have the word family in them. People feel confident and trusting and allow themselves to be more vulnerable. So it is for anything people are familar with. They trust a brand name, and are more confident that they are buying the right product, and are more vulnerable or inclined to be so.


How can you use the power of familarity in sales presentations? First, become more familar to your prospect. There's a greater tendency to buy from somebody with whom you are familar with. As a salesperson, simply being aware of the psychological trigger of familarity, to make a person comfortable with your product or service, is important when selling.


So keep your name in front of the prospect. Realize the importance of a familar brand name, a logo that appears many times and becomes well known, a slogan that people instinctively know is yours, familar phrases and words that your public can harmonize with. All of these create a bond of familarity between you and your prospect.

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