Posted by Amanda Abiola on September 8, 2017 at 8:00 AM


Have you ever recieved mailings from charities that included a small gift?


The gifts are usually address stickers,colourful stamps, or some other very inexpensive token. Or howabout those mailings with surveys that include a dollar bill or a return stamp?

In both cases you may have experienced a slight touch of guilt. After all you have recieved something of value and you feel an obligation to take some action in return, such as sending in a donation or answering the survey.

Repetition also creates guilt. Keep sending somebody mailings and after a while he or she may feel guilty that they haven't responded. I used the repetition technique once or twice, it really does work.


How do you use this valuable tool in personal selling situation?


By offering the prospect a small gift or premium item. The prospect will reciprocate with a greater willingness to buy from you. The gift could be simply buying the prospect lunch or dinner.


Some gifts are quite generous. In politics, gifts are away of life. Infact, reciprocity greases the wheels of politics. Ironically, this is one area of commerce where gifts are legal but only if they are within a certain limit. Even these laws have loopholes, as there are blatantly large given by substantial individuals in return for special favors.


Moral and ethical factors are always involved in just how much a salesperson can give to a prospect without it appearing to be a bribe. But there are many other creative ways to give a prospect to evoke a sense of guilt and reciprocity without the use of bribe. Some of them are even free.


Consider many of the creative ways to instill the feeling of guilt in your prospect. You will find your selling to be a lot easier with a receptive buyer when you grease the way with this powerful psychological trigger.


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