Posted by Amanda Abiola on September 8, 2017 at 8:00 AM


There is a very popular axiom that few people seem to follow in marketing, which is KISS--keep it, simple, and stupid. My version is even more basic keep it stupid and simple.


It's not your audience that is stupid or that you are talking down to your prospect for the sake of simpilcity. It's just that you want your message to be so basic and uncomplicated that it doesn't take much to understand it.


Simplicity is probably one of the most important of the psychological triggers, yet it seems to be the most violated more often that any other in marketing. You must keep everything simple. You must keep your entire sales pitch simple, your product, and most importantly, the offer, simple.


An effective salesperson is one who tells prospects what they should buy. This salesperson narrows down the choices, making them easier for the prospect, and keeps primary roles of the salesperson. It can be done quite easily by making your offer so simple that prospect has little choice but to accept your offer.


This just means that the message you are conveying is so a fifth grader can read it. But on the other hand you want the educated people to read it as well. The biggest problem I have in selling in general comes when the offer is much more complicated that it needs to be.

Simplify your offer.

Make it so easy to buy that the prospect simply needs to pick a pen and sign on the dotted line. Then you have got a sure fire road to sales success.

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