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Posted by Amanda Abiola on August 9, 2017 at 9:30 AM

Let me make a few observations that are critical to understanding this next psychological trigger. First you buy from an emotional level, you have learned that the purchaser using emotions to buy using logic.


Often the buyer who uses logic to justify a purchase knows exactly logical justification for buying the product but does not realize the emotional reasons.


Some of this really common sense, but too often we dont look at the core motivation for the purchase of a specific product, which could reveal a lot more about our prospect.


Think of any product, magazine, service or even location. What is the psycholoigical profile of the person belonging to that group of people who buy the product or service or live in that location?


It will give you some ideas on how to treat the person. And it will help you realize what would motivate your prospect to buy your product. These clues to the emotional appeal your product has when matched to the clues you can get from knowing your prospect and her ownership trends is valueble knowledge at its most basic core psychological level.


The desire to belong is one of the strongest psychological triggers on why people purchase specific products or services. use it to your advantage by realizing what groups your prospect belongs to and then matching the needs and desires of your prospect with those of your product.


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