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Involvement and Ownership...

Posted by Amanda Abiola on July 20, 2017 at 5:50 PM Comments comments (0)

In direct response advertising, you don't have the opportunity to sit in you prospects mailboxes or their living rooms to observe them read your sales presentation. You are not there to see any knobs being turned. But you can get them to turn the knobs by giving them a feeling of involvement with your ownership of the product you are selling.


In short, I take the mind on a metal journey to believe that he or she could indeed be holding the calculator and experiencing the very same things that I've described. This mental energy creates a picture in the mind of the prospect, which is like a vacuum waiting to be filled.

In personal selling many of the same principles apply you want to let your prospects take a stroll down a path with you, or let them smell the fragrance or let them experience some the emotions you are feeling by getting them involved with your product or service.


In direct response , using a gimmick to get involved with the reader is often referred to as using an involvement device, Something that involves the consumer to buying process.

Sometimes it may seem silly. Have you ever received those solicitations that say "out the yes disk in the yes slot and we will send you a trail subscription to you new magazine"? I often wonder who invented that very simple and seemingly juvenile concept. Yet as direct marketers will tell you, this type of involvement device often doubles and triples response rates. Its not juvenile but rather a very effective direct response involvement technique.


The reader becomes involved in the solicitation. The reader makes a commitment to take an action. The reader is either taking action or imagining taking action through the power of the words on the solicitation.


Advertising copy that involves the reader can be quite effective, especailly if the involvement is part of the advertising. Whenever you are selling in person, keep this very important concept in mind. For example involve the prospect in your selling process. If you are selling a car, let the prospect take it for a test drive.This is critical as the prospect will then feel an obligation and be committed on a subconscious level to buying the car.


Involvement and ownership are not new to the business of selling. It is well known as an important factor in helping to consummate a sale. What might not be known, is how effective it really is in dramatically increasing sales, something that direct response advertising has proven.


Objection resolution...

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Just as it is important to air your dirty laundry up front it is equally important to clean it as well. So you determine the negative features and then you bring them up right away. but then comes the hard part you have to resolve the objections. Animportant point to remember is, you cant raise the objection without first raising it.


You will be wasitng your time resolving any objections unless you raise the problems first, and if you don't raise the REAL objections that your prospects have in their minds, then you are totally wasting your time.

Very often within a problem lies an opportuntity so big it dwarfs the problem, your job is to find the opportunity. Whenever I have come up with something I can call a problem, it triggers a reaction in my mind that says "Where's the opportunity?" One of the satisfying things my customers used to tell me about my advertising was that it was totally disarming. They appreciated me raising the problems with the products, that would consider raising and then resolving them in a completely satisfying manner, and that transformed the problem into a major benefit.


Resolving an objection does more than build confidence, inspire respect, and reflect your integrity. It resolves in the mind of the consumer that must be resolved to consummate a sale.

Objection raising...

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Picture this...


You are talking to a prospective customer trying to sell him or her on a product but deep inside you know it is flawed. Let's say its the worst looking product offer, and furthermore it has a stupid name and your used to promoting advanced looking products, ones that have beauty, design and technology, and this one is jsut plain ugly.


Instead of burying the disadvantages of the product I presented them first and presented them as disadvantages, In short I presented the dirty laundry first, right up front, and then presented the good stuff later in the copy, by virtue the product had really great features.


You share your dirty laundry right up front, openly and honestly. This is one key to selling. So if you feel there is something negative in what you are selling that the prospect might notice or respond to bring up the negative feature first, dont wait till later.


By presenting the negative up front, you gain trust and respect and you get your prospects to lower their defense mechanisms, and so they'll be prepared to recieve the real advantages of product or services.


Resolving an objection is the next step once you have raised the objection and brought the disadvantages to the customer, the next step is to resolve it. But as important as it to resolve it, it is even more important to bring it up first in your early stages of your sales presentations.



Product nature...

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In selling, it is important to remember not only the nature of the product but the nature of your customer too.


You need to understand the psycholocal trigger of your product and of your customer. The key in the nature of your product and your prospect is the emotional aspects of the prospect that would respond best to a planned pitch.


Understanding their needs and nature of the prospect in general would give me enough information to craft a very effective sales presentation that, ideally would match the nature of the product with the nature of the prospect.


The customer has basic emotional needs that your product will solve, regardless of how sophisticated or simple your product is offereing. Examine those emotional needs, for the moment forget the logical needs. It is from the perspective of emotion that you will reach the core essence of your prospects motivation. and it is from this essence that you get all the clues you need to uncover the way to that prospects heart and soul and eventually to his or her pocketbook.


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People can be funny sometimes and the way they respond to learning, sometimes it makes for some very valueble psychololgical triggers. Even though I didn't realize what I was learning at the time.


Human nature can be confusing the way you word something can mean different things, it will be the same product but just ordered in a different way. There was a man who ordered ice cream he ordered it with whipped cream but the waitress told him that is a sundea, but he repeated his order that he wanted chocolate ice cream with whipped cream but the waitress said again it was a sundea without the sauce. so he argued again what he wanted, and still was told the same. And the price was .10 cents extra for a sundea. So eventually he would just order chocolate ice cream as he didnt want the arguement, and then he said could you add whipped cream on that, and the waitress said yes sure. was that the way to order my ice cream without arguement. He was astouded as what was the difference but any way he ordered his ice cream like that from now on.


This just shows you the trigger Consistency, and tells you that the way we use words is very important and being consistance is very valuable.


As a direct marketer I have determined that the most importnat thing you can do to turn a prospect into a customer is to make it incredibly easy for that prospect to commit to a purchase, regardless of how small that purchase may be. It is therefore imperative that the commitment be simple, small, and in line with the prospects needs.


Once the committment is made and the prospect becomes a customer, the playing field suddenly changes. There now exists a level of commitment and consistency, directed in your favour, to encouage future purchases.


The most important points to remember is to always make that first sale simple. Once the prospect makes the commitment to purchase from you, you can then easily offer more to increase sales. This is very true for products sold from a mail order ad or from a TV infomercial. I have learned to keep the intial offer extremely simple. Then once the prospect calls and orders the product I am offering, and while there on the phone I offer other items and end up with a larger total sale.

An additional sale coccurs over 50% of the time, depending on your added offer.


Once you have committed to the original purchase you are committed to a course of action CONSISTENCE with what you have already undertaken.


The Psychological triggers...

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The real underlying psychological triggers that motivate, inspire, and influence a prospect to make a buying decision are often unknown to even the most experienced salesperson. Knowledge of these triggers can be a powerful weapon in the battle for your prospects business.


Many of the triggers are very sublte, many are exactly the opposite of what you would expect, and still others are probably using yourself right now don't even realize it.


Could sales be doubled simply by the way you express yourself in a single closing sentence? Can you increase the value if your product so it appears to be a bargain, the same product that might have been percieved as too expensive?

The answer to these questions and many more is a resounding yes.


Psychological triggers as a powerful concept that could help a tremendous number of people. Beacuse we use selling every day of our lives, whether we realize it or not. When we are young, we have to convince our parents to feed us our favourite foods, take us to our favourite playgrounds and buy us fun toys. As we get older, we have to use selling techniques to get a good job, sell a product or service and relate our desires to other people.


Direct marketing is a general term that applies to any form of marketing where the prospect orders directly from the product. Retail is the oppersite of direct marketing, as the prospect ususally see the product before paying for it.


There are 30 psychological triggers that have the ability to increase sales, each week I will go over one and let you know what they are and how they will increase your sales. Starting tomorrow with the first one. Consistancey!

The art of persuausion...

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I confess that I read things, see life, and business, alot differently than most people do.


For me, people in sales and marketing are heroes. Without them there is no company, no hiring of uncle jose to work in engineering, the lab, the front office.

Persuasion is simply the stuff of life...


Subliminal persuasion is the experience you have when you aren't completely aware of everyone popping 20 pounds in the collection basket, you have a 10 but some reason you decide to reach for another 10 to make it 20.

A signicant percentage of the actions you take are because something you were not consiously aware of caused you or primed (prepared you unconsciouly) to act in a specific fashion.

Subliminal can mean invisible or covert but it can also mean...what it means...stimuli that you are not aware of.


The research in subliminal messages is nothing short of mind blowing in potential. The ability to change short term behaviour can assist in changing long term behaviour. Propaganda is persuasion on a large scale.


Commercials are propaganda, marketing messages are properganda. What your teacher teaches your kids and my kids is properganda. Properganda is necessary tool in a free society to differentiate your company or your religion or politaical ideology from another. Properganda is news with a spin, and all news has a spin.


The point is that persuasion in all forms is good. Subliminal persuasion is right, Subliminal persuasion works, Subliminal pesuasion clarifies, cuts through, and captures the essence of the consumers pocket book.

Persuasion in all of its forms, persuading for life, for money, for love, for knowledge has marked the upward surge of mankind.


Persuasion is about messaging one to one or one to many, sublinmal persausion occurs when you are able to successfully implant a message in the mind of a person or group of people whom you target for change without their conscious evaluation of the change.



The writer within...

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The writer within...

When you write it is much like speaking on paper or keyboard as the technology gets better.  Alot of people ask me how do you think of things to write, 

Well i write about the things around me, about what i do everyday or what i see, if i walk to the grocery store i write about that and what my son has said to me while walking. 

I see life as it comes and what God has intended for me, I dont pressure myself in to writing any old stuff, but if you just sit at a computer screen there will be something that you can write. There is a news article on TV that disturb you, or there is something going on outside your house and you just have to speak about it, or your son or daughter did something funny at the store and you had to write it down. It doesn't matter what you write about JUST WRITE.

I love to writie about what my son has told me lately he is two years old now and everythng comes out of his mouth he is very talkative and a chatterbox just like his mommy, hahaha. He enjoys the outdoors going for nature walks, going fishing, camping etc. and there is lots to see and write about when you are doing those things. 

Hope this helps you find things to write about, and don't forget always see things in a different prospective than everyone else, think outside the box. 

The writer ...

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Hello everyone,
This is a blog about is meant to help those who are thinking of writing or setting up there own sites for writing...
Here we will discuss what every writer should do and why?
How to market yourself as a writer?
How to sell your work...and where?

The life of a writer...

Being a writer is very difficult...finding the time to write is one aspect of being a writer...
So how do you find the time to write; especially if you have children and a husband...
and you have to get dinner prepared, giving time to your husband...and your children...
So what to do?
You find a certain time in the day either early in the morning or late at night when you know you can devote at least 4 hours to writing...

So if your an early bird like me and like to write from 4am till 8am then do it. Don't just talk about it, Just do it! as the Nike symbol told us.
Tell your family and friends that this is your writing time, and you are not to be disturbed. This is your time to write and then after-wards you can do other stuff like the laundry or picking the kids up.

Being a writer can be a full time job or part time it is totally up to you how many hours you want to put in on your writing and when it comes down to it; how serious you are about writing.

If you want to sell that novel or that article or that e-book then knuckle down and start writing. Don't make excuses, and don't procrastinate. And we all do your not the only one, but you do have to discipline yourself to actually sit down for four hours and do nothing but write.

Discipline, discipline, discipline...